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Naranasan mo na ba pumunta sa gym na walang malinaw na plano?

Nakapag hanap ka na din ba ng FREE workout plan or strategy sa internet tapos TRIAL & ERROR ka muna? Pag di na gumagana, hanap na naman ng panibago.

Are you looking for a dedicated Online Coach who can provide personalized guidance tailored to your fitness level and goals?

Welcome to Coach Edison's Personalized Fitness Coaching Program!

I really do believe in the power of Personalization.

IMAGINE mo yung difference ng damit na design para sa lahat compare sa damit na pinagawa mo yung deisgn. Di'ba it feels JUST RIGHT for you?

That's why we offer a comprehensive and customized fitness coaching experience to help you achieve your fitness objectives efficiently and effectively.

Mag PAALAM ka na sa generic internet workouts na puro pangako na magiging okay ang katawan mo.

The Problems with Generic Internet Workouts:

Lack of Tailored Approach: Those free online workouts claim to be for everyone, but they are essentially one-size-fits-all, failing to consider your unique body type, goals, or any limitations you may have.

Ineffective Exercises: You deserve exercises that work for you! Our personalized plans are designed to target the specific muscle groups you need to focus on, ensuring maximum results.

Overtraining or Undertraining: With our expert guidance, you can say goodbye to the guessing game. We'll help you strike the perfect balance between pushing yourself and preventing burnout or injury.

Plateauing Progress: Generic workouts can lead to stagnation in your fitness journey. Our custom plans incorporate regular progressions to keep you moving forward and seeing continuous improvements.

Lack of Motivation: Doing exercises that don't align with your interests or goals can quickly dampen your motivation. We understand the importance of enjoyable workouts that keep you engaged and excited to push your limits.

The Pitfall of the "Hundred Abs Challenge":

Take, for instance, the popular "Hundred Abs Challenge" you might find for free on the internet. It involves performing 100 crunches daily for a month to achieve a toned midsection. However, this approach can lead to various problems:

a) Overuse Injury: Repeatedly performing the same movement can strain your lower back and lead to overuse injuries.

b) Limited Muscular Engagement: Crunches only target the six-pack muscles and neglect other vital core muscles.

c) Not Suitable for Everyone: Individuals with back issues or weak core muscles might find this exercise too intense and harmful.

d) Plateau Effect: The body adapts to repetitive exercises, making this challenge less effective over time.

Choose Personalized Fitness Coaching:

✓ Tailored Approach: A plan customized to your unique needs, goals, and abilities.

✓ Effective Exercises: Workouts designed to target specific muscle groups for optimal results.

✓ Perfect Balance: Guidance to avoid overtraining or undertraining, keeping you on track.

✓ Continuous Progress: Regularly updated routines to keep your progress steady.

✓ Stay Motivated: Engaging and enjoyable workouts that align with your interests.

For All Genders, Beginner to Advanced Fitness Levels, and Gym Enthusiasts

Don't settle for generic workouts that won't bring you the results you deserve. Join our Personalized Fitness Coaching Program today and unlock your full potential. Let our expert online coaches guide you every step of the way toward achieving the fitness transformation you've always wanted. Take charge of your fitness journey now!

Why Choose Us?

We are not just another run-of-the-mill fitness program. We take pride in offering personalized coaching that focuses on YOU! Our online coach will work closely with you to understand your fitness aspirations, body needs, and current fitness situation.


While others offer chat support and progress check-ins, and customized plans. we stand out by providing something truly exceptional: EXECUTION CORRECTION. Once you've recorded your workout, simply send it to us, and our expert coach will provide you with valuable pointers to improve your form and execution. Say goodbye to ineffective workouts and hello to results-driven routines!

Benefits of Customized Plan

  • No More Guesswork: Stop worrying about the flow of your workout. We'll craft a tailor-made program for you, ensuring every exercise serves a purpose.

  • 100% Working Program: Our programs are tried, tested, and proven to bring real results. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to progress.

  • Your Road Map to Success: With our personalized workout plan, you'll have a clear roadmap to follow, leading you straight to your fitness goals.

  • Dedicated Online Coach: Our expert coach will be with you every step of the way, providing the guidance and motivation you need to succeed.



Simple and affordable pricing for you!


Rest assured that you're in capable hands. Our online coach holds Top Personal Trainer Certificates, guaranteeing expertise and professionalism.


We are so confident in the effectiveness of our workout plan that we offer a full refund if you provide proof of following our advice and program diligently but don't see the desired results. But take note that results show when you consistently commit to the program for at least 3-4 months.


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Motivation & Fun!

We believe that fitness should be enjoyable. Our workouts are designed to keep you motivated and excited about achieving your goals.

Why Wait? Your Dream Body Awaits!

Take the first step towards transforming your physique and boosting your confidence. Don't let overwhelming information stop you from starting. Our ready-to-execute plan will lead you to success without hassle.

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Where are you located?

Since this is a Personalized Plan, you can go to your nearest gym and we'll customize your program!

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How long until I see obvious results?

Based on my experience throughout my Coaching career it will take you 3-4 months before seeing results!

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I workout at home with no equipment, will it work?

We can start anytime and I'll give you bodyweight workout at home. When your body adjusted to the intensity of workout, we can add adjustable dumbbells. You can buy up to 40 kg dumbbells, you can find this on your favorite online shop.

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How many sessions are included in the plan?

The number of sessions will be adjusted based on your availability. But make sure to commit to at least a minimum of 3 workouts per week to see results. If you can work out more than that, much better!

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